Host an Oil 101 Class

Want to learn more about Young Living Essential oils, and get free stuff?


I have learned so much since I first attended an online Essential Oil Class. I was so thankful that I attended, and now I want to help others the way I was helped.

How Do I Host an Online Class?

Start by Contacting Me or joining one of my Facebook Groups (links in sidebar)

I will make a Facebook Group, and you add friends and family who are interested! Participate! Learn! Ask Questions! Let me know if you have any goals, and if you would want a one-night event, a weekend, or even a full week! Do you want games too? Ask! I have a few!

After you ask to host the class I will send you a message asking a few questions! I will also need your mailing address to send you some useful information!

What do I get for Hosting a Class?


This is an example of the things you will get! It may be different based one what I have!

You will get:

  • Some Fun Gifts from Abundant Health! (This changes based on what they send me)
  • Recipe Cards! (These may be printed, had written, or from Abundant Health. If you have a preference, let me know and I will do my best)
  • A Sample of Young Living Oils. If you have a particular sample you want Let Me know. I will get it if I can! If you don’t have a preference it will be randomly selected.
  • Reference Card for different things to use oils on
  • The Primary Usage Guide (it is small enough to fit in you purse for everyday use.)
  • The 20 Most Used Oils Guide (Not shown)

If your class has a lot of interest you may get extra gifts. This is going to be based on sales and participation. If you decide to join Young Living after your class, you will get all kinds of stuff! You will get the Welcome Package; full of great resources, the sign-up offer at that time, and an endless supply of people to help you learn more and support!

What if I don’t know anyone to invite?

You might be surprised. Ask your friends! If you feel more comfortable not hosting the class that is okay too. You can ask if I have any that you can join in on. You will not get all the hostess benefits, but if you do end up joining Young Living you will still get all the sign-up gifts!

What do I have to do?

Not much really! Add your friends, learn, and ask questions! Let your friends know how awesome your sample is!

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