Detoxing; Not just a Buzzword

Detoxing is such a common word right now. In some ways, it has become a buzzword. If you take the time learn more about it, you will find this is really a broad term.

This is a basic overview of detoxing. I will be posting more detailed detoxing information over the next few weeks.

There are lots of types of detoxing, and each type is for something different. Plan any detoxing you do and be aware of the side effects that could be involved.

What is Detoxing?

Detoxing is cleaning toxic things from your body. This could be one toxin or even just clean one organ.

Why should I detox?

There are many reasons for Detoxing. For me, it is so I can live a healthier lifestyle and improve my overall quality of life.

How do I Detox?

It really depends on why you are detoxing and what you need to detox. I suggest that you do a lymphatic detox at the same time as doing any other type. Detoxing is uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Lymphatic Detoxing can ease that.

Common types of Detoxing:

Where do I start?

Again this depends on why you are detoxing. For my family, it was Heavy Metals. We learned that my husband and I were both at high risk for Alzheimer’s disease. So I suggest, you look at your reasons for detoxing when deciding how you really need to start.

If you are going for a full body detox, a heavy metal detox or an armpit detox is a good place to start.

Some warnings and tips before you really get started:

I can not tell you enough how important water is!
  • Don’t overdue it. Too much detoxing can cause just as many issues as the toxins in your body. Your body is used to those toxins and a rapid over detox can make you show withdrawal signs and even minor illness. You can get headaches, low-grade fevers, and body aching. This could be a sign that you need to slow down. A slow but long detox may sound stressful, but this is the best for your body.
  • You WILL get rashes, smell weird, and be uncomfortable. There are ways to make this easier to deal with, but it will still happen.
  • Drink LOTS of water! Detoxing is very dehydrating, and by drinking extra water you will ease your overall discomfort, and the detoxing will move faster. Water helps flush your systems too.
  • Many of the forms of detoxing can also constipate you. Adding extra fiber, as well as extra water can make this more comfortable. Also don’t be surprised if your poops are different. Just remember that Toxic stuff has to come out somewhere.
  • Make yourself sweat at least once a day. Sweat is another way that toxins leave your body. Working out is a good way to do this, but steaming is another. I tend to use both.
  • Do you have a few days off work in a row, or some vacation time stored up? This is the best time to detox. Trying to deal with detox symptoms while working can be pretty stressful. If that is not an option try to find ways to comfort yourself.
  • Don’t just detox your body, Detox your house and lifestyle. It is true that just being alive in this time period, in this country will expose you to all kinds of things. Don’t make it worse. Use non-toxic cleaners, makeup, soaps, and deodorants. Don’t expose yourself to more bad stuff while trying to get it out of you! Change your cookware, and look into water filters and more.
  • When doing a detox, you are also getting rid of good things in your body. Your body is flushing the good and the bad. Be sure to replace the good! If you are doing a heavy metal detox, be sure to get Iron back into your system, or you could become anemic.
  • Always use common sense when detoxing. If it seems dangerous, don’t do it. It is true that you will be uncomfortable and downright in pain while detoxing. Sometimes you do just have to tough it out and “get through the wall.” If you think your health is in danger at, stop right away and see a doctor.

Different Methods of Detoxing:


  • Diet: Some foods will detox one or more parts of your body. Changing your diet can also help keep chemicals out of your body. You are what you eat! Look at the source of your water too. Is it stored in toxic containers? How good is your city water really? I suggest Zero Water Filters or reverse osmosis systems. These take out all the bad stuff that could be in your water. They take the good stuff out too, so from time to time, you may want to add the smallest bit of salt to your water.
  • Sweating: Toxins leave your body in your sweat. Do not use antiperspirants or anything that stops your sweat. You need to sweat! You will stink more while detoxing, but after a while, you will find that a healthier lifestyle can lead to less smelly sweat! I don’t even bother with deodorant on my days off from work.
  • Detox Baths: These can be amazing, and can be soothing while detoxing too! Make sure you do the detox bath correctly, and never more often than needed. (Never more than one a week!) Drink extra water after because these will dehydrate you.
  • Body Brushing: This is a big part of Lymphatic Detoxing, but it helps with any form of detoxing. This can be done with a Body Brush or even a dry washcloth. This opens the pores, stimulates the Lymphatic System, and exfoliates the skin. Do not clog your body up with too many lotions while detoxing. If your skin gets dry, drink more water.

Want to learn more?

A reader shared their own blog about Toxins and how we get toxic in the first place. The link is in the comments but I want to share it in the post as well! Don’t you know that you’re toxic? From Brewsker. Thanks to her comment I found her blog. I am still going through it, but there is some great information in it!

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