Lymphatic Detoxing, and Finding Comfort During Detoxing

Living a healthy life is important for me. I put real effort into doing different forms of detoxing and keeping up with a healthy diet.

I have mentioned before that detoxing can be very uncomfortable, and at times it is horrible. For the most part, you have to just deal with it. If you try to do too much in the lines of comforting yourself, you can actually make it harder to detox. A lymphatic detox, is a great way to find comfort, and speed up other forms of detoxing.

It can be very beneficial on its own too.

What is the Lymphatic System?

Image from Wiki Commons

The Lymphatic System is part of the cardiovascular system. and helps us maintain a healthy immune system. It is a series of vessels that move Lymph through the system, towards the heart.

This is a super simplified explanation, if you want to learn more I suggest you do. There is a lot to it. One important thing to know is that the important to know is that this system does not pump on its own. This system pumps through breathing, movement, and being stimulated.

Why is Lymphatic Detoxing important?

Your Lymphatic system is one of the places that toxins go in your body. It also is very important to the health of your largest organ; your skin. Since your lymphatic system also it vital to your immune system, a healthy lymphatic system also aids in a healthy immune.

Detoxing your skin plays a big part in a lymphatic detox. Keeping your skin healthy and clean can ease discomfort you may have from detoxing.

Getting Started:

For the most part, I suggest you never do multiple detoxes at once, but this is not the case with the Lymphatic system.

You should work with your Lymphatic System daily. This is really easy! Take several deep breaths daily. If anything, you should make a habit of breathing from your diaphragm every time. This takes work, and something Yoga has taught me about. Deep breathing is a good way to stimulate your Lymphatic System.

Making yourself sweat daily is a good way to flush this system. A good workout in the morning or a nice steam before bed is a good way to achieve this!

Drink Lots of water. Your body is more water than anything else. If you want clean, flushed systems, you have to have enough water to do that.

Do lymphatic brushing every day! You can use a body brush or a dry washcloth. To do a lymphatic brushing you brush your skin starting at your feet, moving toward your heart. This exfoliates your skin, and opens your pores, so this can also improve your body’s breathing. You breathe with more than your lungs! Skin plays a big role in your breathing.

How to do this detox:

The morning you start: Skip the coffee and refined sugar! Drink some lemon water! Skip the deodorant, and do not use any lotions.

Get your sweat on! Work out, clean your house, go for a jog! Anything to get your blood and lungs working! Make sure to get as much deep breathing in as you can. You will stink! You might even get some rashes under your arms. That is uncomfortable but that means you are sweating out toxins.

Don’t jump in the shower yet! I know you want to, but you have to embrace your inner Pig Pin! Go ahead and set up your detox bath. You want warm, but not hot water. Mix your detoxing bath salts into running warm water. The water should be high enough to cover your body.

Detox Bath Recipe:

Mix all of these together in a glass container.

  • 1/4 cup caking soda
  • 1 cup Epsom Salts
  • optional: 3 – 10 drops of a detoxing essential oil (lemon and peppermint are good for this)
Lemon Detox Bath!
Lemon Detox Bath!

Now it is time for your brushing. If you have sensitive skin try a wash cloth. If this is your first time to do body brushing you may want to do that anyway.

I use a Body Brush kinda like this one:

Start at your feet. If you want to use a foot brush or pumice for your feet, you should! Brush your skin in an upward motion towards your heart. This gets the Lymph moving the way it should. Don’t be surprised to see clouds of skin flying! I was shocked at how much I got off of me when I first started doing this.

Do your whole body. Don’t forget your neck. Sometimes I use an exfoliating face mask or wash on my face while I am brushing the rest of my body. Be sure to really get around the armpit, and breast area. It is very common to get blockages in the Lymph nodes in this area. I found while detoxing I would get lumps under my breast. At first I panicked thinking the worst, but it turned out these were clogged nodes. If you have or get them, this is the best way to get rid of them.

Once you are fully brushed, (and face washed if you were using a facial exfoliator) step into your warm bath. Most of the time I lay on my stomach in the tub when doing a detox bath. Most of the toxins will come out of your armpit area. Lay there covered in the water for about 5 to 10 mins.

Genitally massage each part of your body in the water. Start at your feet and work your way up. Whenever possible keep that body part under the water while massaging. This is harder than it sounds. If you are doing a painful detox (like heavy metal detox) you may need help to get your whole body. My husband and I help each other. This is the best way to find comfort during a heavy metal detox.

Make sure to give extra care to massaging your breasts, armpits, and the lymph-nodes in your neck. (See Cervical lymph nodes in the image above)

This is not your normal bath time:

This detox bath is not exactly about getting clean. You are cleaning your lymphatic system but not your body. I suggest you try to keep your hair out of the water.

Once you are done massaging your body, don’t be surprised if the water has changed color. In fact, while doing a heavy metal detox, I have seen silver “clouds” come out of my armpits while massaging them. At the time I had a bad clog in my breast too. It was shocking to see this come out of me.

You do not want to spend too long in a detox bath

Try to keep it all under 20 mins. After you are done massaging yourself, drain the tub. Using a natural soap wash your whole body in a soap. You want to wash off any residual toxins, bath salts, and over all iky-ness

Once you are clean, you will notice a better quality of breathing, and if you are detoxing in another way, you should notice some comfort from that too.

Do not use lotions after doing this! If your skin is dry drink more water. In fact, drink lots of water after a detox bath every time. It really dehydrates you.

Only do a detox bath when needed. You should brush the skin daily before your regular bath, but only detox up to once a week. I try to only do UP TO 2 a month. (more often less than that)

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