Super Easy Dry Shampoo (With extra helpful tip)

So today marks one month No Poo. (No Shampoo) I was super lucky to have very little problems “transitioning.” Transitioning is when your hair is learning to be healthy and pretty without shampoo. I have heard horrifying stories of things people have had to deal with, and I was worried. I promised myself that if things went bad I would stick with the no poo for at least two months. This has gone so good so far, and I think I will stay this way!

One of the things that helped me a lot was homemade dry shampoo. I would never use a commercial one because those are filled with god knows what!

Only two things are really needed to make Dry Shampoo:
  • A shaker bottle (like an old spice bottle)
  • Arrowroot powder or tapioca starch (pretty much the same thing)

If you have reddish hair you will need some cinnamon or cocoa powder for darker hair.

I pretty much only buy Bob’s Red Mill but I was recently told of another brand that is cheaper.

If you are adding cinnamon or cocoa, it may need some work to get the colors just right. I have pretty light hair, so I have been just using the plain starch.

Important Styling Tips

I saw this recipe everywhere, but most people were leaving out some important styling tips. I was lucky enough to learn from a pro! I used to be a model and my first experience with dry shampoo was on a photo shoot. the Hair and makeup girl explained all of this to me, even how to make it.

  • This is not to use every day. I think it would super dry your hair out but I don’t have first-hand experience with that. (I use it at most once a week, but less often if I can)
  • Rinse your hair out at some point. This is for days when your hair is just a little too greasy and you don’t have time to wash it out. With the no poo method, your hair can get a little waxy, and I have found it helps with that. It is a VERY good idea to rinse your hair out. I rinse mine right before bed.
  • You can not expect to shake it into your hair and have a miracle. Always brush your hair before using dry shampoo. After dusting your hair, run your hands through, and then brush it again. This gets the excess powder out of your hair.
  • Here is the tip I never see anywhere else: Use a blow dryer to get rid of the excess powder. Brush it out, then use a lowest heat setting and blow dry it while brushing. You don’t even need to use it more than 3 minutes. I was told; that you always use a blow dryer because otherwise the powder shows up everywhere and looks like dandruff.

I really hope this helps, and I will try to take some photos this weekend of how a month no poo looks on me! I know my kids were surprised by how nice it looks! It is growing faster too!


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