5 weeks No Poo!

So I am now 5 weeks into this experiment!


This is before…

I didn’t hate it, but it was frizzy and well some days I did hate it. I didn’t realize just how unhealthy is was then.


This is from the weekend. A little longer now, and way less frizzy!

Once a week I use a baking soda wash (Sundays), and as needed I use homemade apple cider vinegar for dandruff. (Only once so far)

As needed I used my dry shampoo (only Twice). Every day I rinsed my hair out with the hottest water I could stand, and massaged the pads of my fingers all over my scalp. I also used a boar hair brush A LOT!

I was still using my old brush at first because it was easier to untangle my hair, then would follow with the boar hair brush. By week 3 I only needed the boar hair brush!

I know I had a super easy transition, and I am super lucky. What started as a plan for a two-month experiment, may be kept as a lifestyle change!


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