Heavy Metal Detoxing

This is a really big topic and really results in a lifestyle change. There is no point detoxing if you do not make the changes to go with it. Heavy metal detoxing has shown to lower the risk for Alzheimer’s disease, and that was a big part of why my family did this. My husband and I are both at risk, and honestly, anything that might lower that risk is worth it.

Not all heavy metals are bad!

You NEED Iron. When you detox heavy metals, you loose the good ones too. You also loose other menials you need. (Like Potassium) So it is important that you take supplements while detoxing, and for a few days after. While detoxing if you have other problems, (like increased heart rate, dizziness, or extreme fatigue) you need to stop detoxing ASAP. That means that the levels of something you need have gotten too low. You might need to take some Iron, Potassium or any number of other supplements. You may need to talk to a doctor to find out what’s wrong. ALWAYS keep safety first! I am not a doctor, and I do not have access to your medical records, so it is not my place to tell you if detoxing is safe for you.

Why are you doing this detox?

There are lots of reasons to do a heavy metal detox, and it is good to have those goals in mind before you start. It could be that you never had one (VERY good reason), or you could be like me, and want to lower your risk for Alzheimer’s. Doing a light detox after getting a vaccine is a good reason too. Once you know why you are doing it, you know how hard you need to go.

If you have never done this, I suggest a slow detox over a month. If you are just recovering from a vaccine a few days might be all you need.

Side Effects:

This can be a painful detox. The metal has to leave your body somehow. You will sweat it out and may end up with clogged lymph nodes. That can be uncomfortable, but if you do a Lymphatic Detox too, it will ease the pain. You may also get rashes and have bad smelling sweat and urine. This is the bad stuff getting out the easiest way it can. This can be very uncomfortable. That is why I recommend a slow detox. You may end up with rashes a little longer, but it beats trying to sweat everything out over one weekend of hell.

Lifestyle Changes:

If you really want to make this work, the first thing that needs to go is your toxic deodorant and your toxic pans! Get every scrap of aluminum out of your house! This includes foods stored and kept in aluminum. (Like sodas and canned foods)


We switched all of our pans to cast iron and ditched the toxic deodorant. Believe it or not, this was a pretty painless part of the detox. I love cast iron, and even got most of it free from people who really didn’t want it. I restored a bunch of rusty pans and for all new pans, I think I paid a total of $30. You would be surprised how many people have cast iron they don’t want! Post on your local buy/sell/trade boards, or free stuff groups! If you know how to restore it you will most likely get it free! (I will cover that soon)

You can also look into Stainless Steal, but that can get costly. I have some Stainless Steal cookie sheets.

How to do the Detox:

There are other ways to remove heavy metals from your body, but this it the method I use. If you have tried other methods I would LOVE to hear them! So please share or link in the comments!



AKA Coriander, AKA Chinese Parsley, AKA Dhania

Adding this to your diet can really help in detoxing, but there is a catch! It can not touch metal. No metal pans, and not cut with metal. If you buy it from the store it may have been exposed to metal, but may not be useless either. We try to grow it ourselves and use plastic to harvest, but this is not always an option. Buying Organic, and either cooking in glass or eating raw is not useless. Eating Cilantro at least once a day will detox heavy metals!

This is great for a light detox, or if you are using the slow over a month method. It does not add to much stress to your body.



Last weekend, I did a post about Turmeric Tea, and that is one way to add the detoxing power of Turmeric to your diet. I have heard that it can also be used as a paste applied directly to your skin to draw toxins out, but I have never tried that. I also heard it stains skin. If anyone has tried this, I would be interested in the results.



If you are not familiar with Chlorella, it is worth your time to research it. A basic explanation is that it is a single cell alga filled with Chlorophyll and other good stuff for you.

You can get it in pill or powder form. I have tried both, and lately, choose pill just because it is easier. It has a flavor close to Matcha Green tea. It mixes very well with some juices and great with tea!

There are lots of benefits to Chlorella, but I have only really used it in detoxing. One great thing about this is it works pretty fast. A little goes a long way, and it is a less painful detox method.

Find the Detox Method for you!

You should experiment with these, and you may find that one or all of them could benefit your life. Keep in mind to always listen to your body! Do you feel better doing something? That’s a good sign. Do you feel like you are getting sick while detoxing? That could be a warning from your body. You could be detoxing too much, too fast, and just need to slow down. I almost had a heart attack because I was not replacing the Potassium I was losing. If you have a history of Anemia you need to be very careful, because you have a history of not having enough Iron. (A very important heavy metal.)

A heavy metal detox is a good place to start when trying to detox your life. By getting it out of the way, it can make other detoxes a little easier. This can be pretty intense the first time, so if you can do it when you don’t have to worry about smelling good, and when you have time to be lazy and not feeling well.


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