A death in the family: My computer

A while back, my computer died… I was sad and saving up money for a new one. I wanted to get a really nice one, so I was taking my time.

So I was using my husband’s computer. He mostly uses a tablet and his laptop sits forgotten. It’s pretty old, but he had not bothered to upgrade because he prefers the tablet anyway. So he let me use his computer.

It was like 6 years old, but it let me do the things I needed to do. I started this blog on his old computer and was able to keep up with my Facebook groups. I never complained because I was so grateful that we even had a computer I was able to use. This allowed me to save up and get the nicer computer.

Then…. one day… I was getting to relax after work… I opened the old computer and waited for Facebook to load. I would not load. I ran through all the troubleshooting I could. I rest the device, I reset the modem, and cried a little… oh wait that wasn’t part of the troubleshooting.

I knew it was an old computer and I was on borrowed time. I  did hardwire the old thing because I know that wifi is slower. That did help but then I had to sit in the living room anytime I wanted to work on something. I accepted this knowing I would have a new computer really soon.

I have cats… They could not accept that I was using the sewing table as a computer desk. They feel it is theirs, and so I don’t even get to use my antique sewing table…. I sew at the dining room table. I was not about to string an ethernet cable across the house. So I thought, the cats will adjust. I was wrong… They broke that old computer… and I cried…. So I was basically computerless for a month. I used my phone as much as I could. All of my files, photos, and much-needed information was on that computer. (Perhaps that is why it was so slow…)

I was pretty depressed and saw how much I had to start from scrap. I still have that hard-drive, and at some point, I’m gonna get over my pity party, and get a case for it, and make it into an external one, so I can try to recover that info… It’s not that hard, I just need the time and tools. I never realized just how tech savvy I am… Go me…

So anyway got the new computer… Still getting used to it, but I am now able to catch up on the backlog of work I need to do. I do have a little less time than I did before because I also got a new job and I am working 40+ hours. I love this job, but it has been time-consuming. It has also helped me get this super awesome computer because I am making more money too. Also, did you know there was a Star Wars edition gaming laptop???

Since I do have less time, I am working to prioritize how I use it. I have already dropped one Facebook group, and I am going to be streamlining some of my other projects. I have a goal of letting my husband be a house husband within the next two years. My real hope is by the Summer of 2017.

Sooooo this is just a basic life update, and explanation why my blog has been so dead. This blog is not one of the projects I am cutting. I am actually hoping to devote more time to it than I did before. I will be doing more update posts over the next week or so. Once I am caught up on the projects, I will start posting more fun stuff, and useful information.

-this post was not edited… So sorry

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