Goals not Resolutions

This year I am trying something new! I am not making any resolutions this year, I am setting goals!

What are your goals this year? Be honest, and be real! Aim high, but set accomplishable goals, then blow those goals out of the water!


Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Do set goal you can reach!
  • Do set goals that have a meaning!
  • Do be willing to make changes!


  • Don’t be afraid to mess up!
  • Don’t let other discourage you!
  • Don’t worry about it!


Where do you want to put your energy?

I start a lot of projects but often find I just do not have the time to do everything I want to get done. Over the years I have gotten better at delegating housework. The hard lesson I had to learn was, what is really worth my time.

Yes, I want to read 100 books a year, grow a great garden, do tons of DIY projects, hang out with my family, work a full-time job, and make two loaves of bread a week. Let’s be honest, no one has time to do all of that well. You can do some of that but after a certain point things you love become a chore or forgotten.

I had to learn where my energy goes. Family first, no question, but I also like my job, and I am the main source of income, so I need the job. Those two things really take most of my time, and that is okay! So I only read 35 books a year and decided maybe the farmer’s market is better than a garden (My husband totally still finds time for a garden though), and when I really do have down time, I make time for those DIY projects and baking projects. I had to learn it was okay to not do it all.

It is better to put your energy in the things you really love and let go of other things.


Organize your Goals!

Set your big goals, and write them down! Make a planner, or dream board. Think about where you want to be this time next year.

Once you make the big goals, break those down into smaller goals! That helps organize your path, and it is less overwhelming! Accomplishing your smaller goals also helps boost your mood, and confidence to help carry you to the next goal!

Don’t be upset if you miss a goal. Goals are goals, not guarantees. I know for me when I miss a goal I tend to backslide. If your goal is to get in better shape, do not give up because you miss one day! Restart every day as a chance to improve!

Here are my goals!


  • Reach Senor Star or higher with Young Living!
  • Write/read/ or sew for 30 minutes a day
  • Work on improving our financial status.
    • Clear last of debt
    • Be able to work Part time outside of the home rather than full time!

Are you willing to share your goals?


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