Lemon Cucumber Water Tip

I love Lemon Water! It is so good for your body and it tastes amazing! I drink it year-round, but in the summer it is extra refreshing!

Do you like my Dollar Store Halloween cup? I use that year round too because it is bigger than it looks!

Not sure if you can tell but there is a Lemon and a cucumber in there right now! *sips water* I love it!

You know what is even more refreshing in the Summer? Cold water! I am not a fan of ice, but in the hot Texas heat sometimes you need something!

Last year I started freezing cucumber. Once you cut into one, you kinda have to use it fast, and even with my daughter’s help sometimes we would end up tossing cucumber in the mulch. This year, I am testing with Lemon too!

Picture this, it’s a hot day, you just got off the bus, and your water bottle is empty from the walk.  Worse, your is now hot enough to make tea with. (Sun tea is a thing you know!)

You get home, open your cup pop in a frozen lemon and cucumber slice. Stand in front of the fan, and enjoy your cool water. You won’t taste the lemon and cucumber or lemon right away because they need to thaw a little first.

Even better, the cucumber lasts longer! Not sure how long but I finish it before it goes bad!

Things do not have to stop there! What is your favorite fruit water? Try freezing strawberries, blackberries or anything else y ou can think of! You can even freeze fruit in an Ice tray with water if you like ice more than I do! (I have totally frozen coffee for iced coffee!)

Store in your freezer in a sealed container!

Something I learned:

Don’t use a paper towel for this like I did above. Most days I use a cookie sheet but the freezer is full and I was in a rush and did not want to look for wax paper. Lesson learned. Get the wax paper! DO IT! This is why:

For real, use the wax paper! I had to scrap paper towel off the cucumber.

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