Book Review: Getting Noticed by Lindsay Teague Moreno

Getting Noticed: A No-Nonsense Guide to Standing Out and Selling More for Momtrepreneurs Who Ain’t Got Time for That

I want to start with that I do follow Lindsay Teague Moreno’s groups and I find her super inspiring but this review is honest and was not paid for! I bought myself this book to help inspire my goals!

On and GoodReads I am giving this book a 5-star rating. If I could I would give it 4 1/2 and for one reason… It did leave me wanting more.

As anyone knows I sell Essential Oils, and so does the author, but there is no mention of oils in this book! That is not what this is about!

About the Book:

This is a book for people who want to learn how to find their target audience online. This is purely about Social Media Marketing and focuses on just the major sites. These concepts could be used in any social media sites.

This is not a template, this a technique to find grow. This is about building your brand for whatever you are selling. It could be an Etsy shop, direct sales, or even a major start up. In this ever changing world, we NEED Social Media to grow and we need to learn to adjust to that! I honestly think that is why there is no template in this book. What worked for her, may not work for you, and it absolutely will not work in 10 years.

What I learned:

I took my time reading this book. I wanted to take the info to heart. The first few chapters have “homework.” She does not call it that, but I did. She asks some real questions that made me really think about my goals, and the amount of work I am willing to put forward to reach those goals. I totally took notes, answered questions and wrote them down to keep in the book.

Once I started putting this into practice I saw changes in my business right away! Literally the same day I started following these steps, my blog got followers, my Instagram blew up and my facebook page grew! I am still learning to use Pinterest, but even my team has already grown since the reading of this book!

Who should read this book?

Anyone wanting to build a social media presence online should read this book. It was clearly written for the mom who wants to run a business from her home with kids all over her.

Best line from the book: “GO TO SLEEP, TINY SATAN!”

I snorted my coffee reading that, and when I read all of that paragraph to my husband he almost choked to death.

Overall this is a must read if you want to grow a business online.

Fine print: This review is not endorsed in any way by the company, this is a product I already buy. Amazon link is an affiliate link.

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