Monthly Wellness Box

Do you like subscription boxes? Who doesn’t!?!

Young Living has something called Essential Rewards (ER for those who are members.)

It is not a required thing in Young Living but you get free stuff for buying stuff you want anyway. I make my own order every month and change it like 5 times a month too!

What I would like to offer to you is a discounted Wellness Box!  I want to make a custom box for you, that fits your lifestyle and needs! I can work with your budget too, including recipes and DIY projects if you want! My plan is to add the stuff for your box to my ER order, then make a cute little gift box for you!  If you want in on this fill out this form: Monthly Wellness Box. Try it once or get something new every month! Decide you want to join and set up your own ER? Even better!


We are now accepting July Box orders and interest form applications. Response due by Aug 15th. If you get at least $30 value of the box, you can get get entered to win free stuff! August Giveaway!

We have new products now! I am so excited about that, and these can be included in the box! The form has already been updated!

Filling out the form is not a promise to buy anything. This is an info gathering tool to gather interest and to help make the box that works best for you! I will contact you to work things out to help confirm prices and plan the box out! All prices and details will be confirmed before any order is made or payment requested.


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