More on Deodorant

I have posted about a homemade deodorant in the past. I since found a better one and realized I never shared it on the blog. Overall I have a lot more information about Non-Toxic Deodorant.

I have two recipes that I highly recommend because they seem to work for everyone. This is one of those things that you have to test before you find what works.

Some Healthy Pit Tips!

  • First, avoid antiperspirant. This is so bad for your lymphatic system, and sweat i a healthy and natural way for your body to cool and remove toxins from your body.
  • Second, Detox and change your diet. If you have been using a toxic deodorant or antiperspirant for a long time you are going to have to deal with some stuff before you can really find the best deodorant for you!

Time to detox (Skip if you are just here for the recipes!)

  • You need to heavy metal detox, and a Lymphatic detox! I did this a hard and painful way. I hear you should use Bentonite Clay. I also hear Post has Body detoxes that work great for this. I did mine a long time ago before I really knew about Posh, or essential oils. I needed to do massive detox after finding my husband and I are both at very high-risk for Alzheimer’s.
  • Your diet has a lot to do with your smell too. A change in diet can reduce the BO a lot! Removing artificial food coloring, and processed foods did a lot for our teen son. (Who stinks 10 minutes after a shower)
  • If you have not detoxed ALL natural or homemade deodorants are going to be uncomfortable or even very painful.
  • Anytime you try a new deodorant your body has to adjust, and this can even change your body PH. Give something at least a month (unless unbearably painful) before giving it up. When dealing with store bought deodorants what works for some, may not work for others. Toms may work for one person but not for you.

For homemade I use two linked above and switch back and forth based on my body needs and the weather.

I use the deodorant paste because that removes odors. This helps for days you wake up a little smelly (I bathe at night) but don’t have time to shower in the mornings. This will not hold up to Texas summer and can stain clothing. So I use it first thing in the morning and then once it has a minute to work I may follow up with the one I got from Wellness Momma.The only feedback I have is it will not do anything about the existing odor I sometimes wake up with. I have not used this for a Texas summer yet because I started using it last fall. We will see how it holds this year.

I have not used this for a Texas summer yet because I started using it last fall. We will see how it holds this year. I am optimistic!

In case of emergency deodorant!

So I live in Texas and all of my life I have had to take deodorant with me when I go somewhere. I walk everywhere too so this is kinda important. I used to work fast food, and no one wants the person making their food to reek of BO so I have to do something. Before my purge of toxic stuff, I had a lady speed stick that lived in my bag. Once moving over to natural things I had a moment of panic. I found myself at work in 110 weather, working with food. I noticed I was not bad yet, but I was not smelling great and I was about to hit up a friend to borrow her toxic deodorant (Because Texas, for real people carry emergency deodorant and get it if you don’t have yours.) but in a moment of last effort to not give in, I used my lavender lip balm from Young Living. OMG! It worked! So I now carry a Lavender lip balm from YL as my in case of emergency. This is marked so I do not use it on my lips. (I tend to get other “flavors” for my lips and only use the Lavender for my pits.)

Lavender Oil used neat also works when you are without deodorant. If you don’t already, keep a bottle in your bag!

Colder climates:

If you don’t live in the Devil’s armpit (I love Texas but that is the best description of Summer Weather here.) or it is the winter, fall, or spring. There are other great options:

There are other great options:

  • Lavender oil
  • Copaiba oil (A mix of these two is great too!)
  • I have heard that Thieves Aromabright works amazing, but I have not tried that. It seems like it is uncomfortable.
  • I also hear the Kids Scents tendertush works too.
  • Regular lymphatic brushing mixed with detox milk baths and a healthy diet you may find in cooler months you may not need anything. If I am not going anywhere and know I will not be sweating much, I will skip a day. Any day that I have to go to work, I at least use Copaiba or Lavender.

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