My Facial Cleaners

As part of my ongoing changes to become healthier and rid my house of Toxins I have learned so much, and hope to keep learning more!

Face Cleaning Oil

Something I have testing on my own skin is that sometimes you need to use oil to remove oil.

For really bad oily days or when I am having a breakout, I have a routine that seems to really help. First I rinse my face using really warm water. This opens the pores and helps remove some of the oily buildups from a hot summer day. Then I use a little Argan oil on a cleaning pad, with a drop of Frankincense and use that on my face. You can also premix this in a bottle, and use a mix of good oils for skin.

Fill about half of 15 ml bottle with a good skin friendly carrier oil: (Good examples are Jojoba, sweet almond, and Argon)

Mix up to 5 drops of any of these oils. I would not use more than 2 drops of each oil. This is listed in the order I would use them myself:

  • Rose
  • Frankincense
  • Geranium
  • Jasmin
  • Ylang-Ylang
  • Lavender
  • Lemon (Warning do not use if going to be in sunlight, better for before bed. I would only use 1 drop at most)

A lot of people suggest tea tree, this can be used but I recommend using it differently. It can irritate skin and also mess up the PH. This is better if you are having a fungal (or Skin yeast) or PH issue that needs to be balanced out. If you are having a fungal or yeast skin issue it may help to seek a Dr too. I admit that is not an issue I have had to deal with directly so I can not be sure how good it works.

Fill the bottle up the rest of the way with the carrier or even a second carrier oil.  Use this on a cleaning pad, let it set about 5 minutes, then clean your face with witch hazel and rinse with cool water.

As part of my Zero Wast efforts, I now use reusable ones I have made! DIY Cotton Face Scrubs

Don’t want to make any but want to reduce waste? Contact me about making some for you!


Facial Cleansing Pads

Cotton rounds or reusable ones
A container with a tight-fitting lid
2 cups distilled water (or you can boil tap water for 10 minutes, and allow to cool)
1 Tablespoon Dr. Bonners castile soap unscented
1 Tablespoon witch hazel
1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar (Recipe to make your own)
3-5 drops of your favorite cleansing oils. (Stay away from citrus in the summer!)

I do this before bed on the days I feel very gross. Most nights I use just a bar of soap and warm water with a cold water rinse.


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