New Content Coming!

I was asking some of my friends and readers for ideas of things they would like to see on this blog. I was given some great feedback! It really inspired some things to come. Some of this is already on my blog, but some of this I haven’t even thought to write about but totally use in my daily life!

I will be cleaning up some older posts, and adding to them. I will also be adding some good reference to make it easier to find stuff! I am working on things like a beginners guides on non-toxic living. There will be some crossover I am sure but I hope to help people live a healthier life with less waste, and to show people it can be easy!

First thing you should go do RIGHT NOW is to download the Think Dirty app! If you don’t already have it, you should. If you know other good ones, let me know! I will be all over that!

You are going to be seeing a few new things added! Some of these, there is just not enough for it’s own blog post so I will just combine them in the beginner’s guides.  I am will be adding a BUNCH new posts over the next few days!

Here are the Guides I am working on right now (Working titles right now):

  • Non toxic personal hygiene (Also join my Facebook group that I am working on building: Non-Toxic Haircare & Beauty (I might do a better No Poo post too!)
  • Non Toxic Cleaning
  • Clean out your Kitchen (More than cleaning but also non GMO education, and sustainable, and zero waste kitchen tips)
  • Sustainable Pets
  • Sustainable Kids

I am very open to ideas, things you would like to contribute, or things you would like to see.


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