The Beginner’s Guide to Toxic Free Hygiene

We are bombarded with so many chemicals every day. Some of the most toxic stuff we use are part of our basic hygiene! The biggest struggle most people have when ditching the bad is getting past the normal and basic needs. This is to help you make the switch from Toxic to Sustainable easy. Need more help? I have a Facebook group too! It is still small but feel free to join, ask questions, give feedback and learn! Sustainable Hair care and Hygiene

Hair Care:

Go No Poo! Like for real, this is a game changer.

Going No Poo will take some research, detoxing and finding the best method for you. Every hair type and water type will have its own mix. What works for me does not work for my husband. Here is a post I wrote about going No Poo: Getting Started with the No-Poo Method

No Poo hair care recipes from my blog:

Not ready for No Poo?

No Problem! My friend Andy to the rescue! Here is her DIY Shampoo recipe!

I hope to be adding nontoxic styling products at some point but I still need to work on that.

Face and skin care:

Tip: For bags under the eyes, I use Copaiba neat. Less than a drop for each eye. (I put a clean finger over the opening of the bottle and tip it until I have small amounts of oil on my finger and lightly massage that under my eye.) I also use the Caffeine Skin Stick from Perfectly Posh. I want to research more about the use of caffeine on the skin but I am pretty happy with this mix. I use the skin stick about once a week, and the Copaiba about 2 to 3 times a week.

Lip balms

I am lazy so I mostly use the Young Living ones. I tried Posh and they are okay. My daughter prefers those. I only seem to need them in extreme weather or I have an injury around my mouth, so I do not use them often. I do want to play with some recipes because they seem like good gifts and my daughter loves them.

The best way to prevent dry lips is to drink plenty of water. Dry lips are one of the first signs of dehydration. Using lip balms a lot can also make your lips “addicted” to them and they may dry out just from not using it for a little while but that will go aways after a few days to a week too.

No ready to give them up? Here is a recipe I want to try: Imitation Burt’s Bees Lip Balm from Wellness Mama

Face Masks:

My daughter really wants to try peel off masks. Most of them are pretty bad for you. This is something I am still testing.

We tried the DIY Glue one. I mixed Glue and honey. It was okay but not great. It did not irritate my skin, but my daughter with very sensitive skin said that she has a little irritation. It peeled off but did not do much if anything. No blackheads were removed and my skin was a little softer but that could have been the honey. We just recently tried that and may try more still, but I am not optimistic. I was reading that overall off masks are not great for your skin. The peeling can stress the skin and clog pores even if you wash your face after. I might look into some store bought non-toxic/ low-toxic ones for my daughter but I may stick to the regular wash off ones. (My fave right now is the New York Minute one from Posh) I hope to test some DIY wash off ones soon.


I recommend using:

  • Dr. Bronner’s
  • Posh Chunks
  • Young Living Bar soaps If you have soft water the Young living ones not the best. They are great for hard water though!
  • Many Farmers Markets have a soap stand or two. Sometimes you find some great soaps that also provide zero waste (no packaging) and helps small local families.

I prefer liquid soap but the more I learn the more I learn that bar soaps tend to be healthier options, you just have to find the one that works best for you! (We spent years finding soaps we like, and the ones above are what we get unless we get something from the farmers market.)


I do not use much if any. I use mostly pure coconut oil or something from Posh (I promise I do not sell Posh. It is one of the few brands that my daughter is not allergic too!)
I also use homemade bath bombs with shea butter and do not really need lotion after.  I will be testing some recipes but right now I do not have any right now!


This is something I am still struggling with. Before going no poo I used my shampoo for everything. It was my body wash, face wash, and shaving soap. (This might be why my eczema was so bad.) I never liked shaving creams because most were drying or smelled bad to me. I have used shaving creams maybe 3 times ever. (Not that the shampoo was better for me because I used toxic stuff before)

Currently, I use a bar soap to shave my pits and legs. If you have a good soap this is not bad at all. Posh seems to be my favorite for shaving. Dr. Bronner’s works but I am dryer after than the Posh. For the more…sensitive areas… I really struggle. Bar soaps have not been kind there. I almost always give in and use my husband’s shampoo.

I just recently tried the Young Living Mirah Shave Oil, and I am still not sold on it. I have only tried it once so far and will be trying it again.

In my efforts to move to Zero waste I will be getting a new razor soon. I have used the same brand of disposable razors since the 90s. (The green Schlick) I have always been very stubborn about this and have never been happy with anything else.  I am now trying to get over this and move to a metal reusable razor. I am not there yet.

I think once I do, the Young Living Shaving oil will be better. My biggest issue when trying it was that it was hard to clean the blades. My husband agrees, and he too uses the green Schlick because we both felt it was not cost effective to buy two kinds and I am currently not to be moved on it. Once I change to the metal razor this will be a BIG change for me emotionally.


I get asked about sunscreen every summer. I never really wrote about it because it is something I will not do, and I kinda feel live and let live. Since I have been asked about it again, here is my thoughts on homemade sunscreens.

Oral Health Care

Oil Pulling:

  • I did see less plaque on my teeth, and some oils do clean. I used to use coconut oil for 10 minutes, then spit it out and used sunflower oil for 10 minutes. Coconut oil helps clean and could help with infections in the mouth and the sunflower oil made my mouth feel cleaner and made the biggest difference on the plague. Sometimes I used essentials as well. (Peppermint, orange, thieves, or clove) I only do it now if I have a toothache, or notice the plague getting bad. I always have to follow with brushing my teeth too.

Homemade Toothpaste

  • Here is the recipe I like: 1 part baking soda, 2 parts solid coconut oil and a little essential oil. I tend to use a tablespoon. (1 tbs baking soda, 2 tbs coconut oil, 1 drop peppermint oil)

Young Living Toothpaste is Floride free too!

Here is a more in-depth post I did on Oral health care including some zero waste options and one of my dirty secrets. Oral Health Care

Menstrual health:

If you are still using tampons and pads you may need to rethink that. First of all Toxic Shock is a thing! You should have been warned if you got any kind of reproductive education. As a person who is moving more and more to a zero waste, I stopped using that stuff over a year ago! (Almost 2 now!)

A lot of people use the cup. There are a lot of different brands and many people love them. I hear it takes a lot of getting used to before you are comfortable with them. Honestly, I thought about using this when I first heard about it but to me, it seems messier than I want to deal with. This may not be the case, because when I say that a lot of ladies say it is not.

For me the game changer was Thinx! I love them! Overall these have been a big game changer and I am very happy to have mine. Please note this is an affiliate link. For everyone who uses this link, they get a $10 discount and so do I. I am hoping to get some for my daughter now.

I do have some notes about them. Even if you follow the wash instructions to a T, there is a smell. I have tried different things to prevent this and so far I have not been able to do that. Perhaps this is a bonus for the cup. I just bought extra Thinx and change more often. I hate that it creates more laundry, but it keeps pads and tampons out of the pipes and landfills.

You can all use “Mamma Cloth.” You can make your own or even buy them off Etsy! I did make my own before Thinx came out. I found less of the odor issue with the Mamma Cloth, but Thinx is more comfortable and easier to use.

Here is a good Pattern for making your own: Cloth Pads (free patterns!)

Still not ready to ditch the pad? There are organic and natural ones. I know Thinx has some and I hear Lola is good and they are delivered. I have not tried these so I have no reviews on that.

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