Why I don’t DIY Sunscreen

Every Summer I see DIY moms and new oil lovers looking for a DIY recipe. I have been one of those people too. The first time I looked into it, it was way above my DIY level and I said maybe next year.

The year after that I heard that some of the Essential Oils have a natural protection. I tried so hard to do my own homework on that. The truth is there is not a lot of info that I find reliable.

I thought about just trying it last year, then I saw these horrible photos of very very burnt babies and upset mommas. I decided the risk is not worth it.

Do your homework,

Maybe you will do better than I did.

Honestly, there is a lot of room for error and a lot of mixed information. I am not sure what really works and what does not. When dealing with children. I would honestly just buy a good natural one. Apps like ThinkDirty can help you pick one.

This is not something I feel comfortable sharing recipes for or trying to make. As much as I love DIY I feel some things are better off buying. I have seen ones that rate a 0 on ThinkDirty. Personally, I would just use that but I almost never use sunscreen. (I know I am so bad! I actually like getting a sunburn)

For example:

Erbavia Baby rates a 0 on Think Dirty and only $18 on Amazon.

If you really want to try some feel free to search. As a good rule of thumb, Wellness Momma is a good source and starting point. There are lots of recipes out there and some may work well, but I have not tested them. If you have babies and little ones, don’t test on them. Try a recipe and see if it works on you first.

Young Living now has EPA Approved Sunscreen!


Things to think about:

Avoid topical use of ALL photosensitive products! Read the labels, does it say to avoid direct sunlight? It might be phototoxic! Avoid anything with Citrus oils. I am shocked I saw a sunscreen that had tangerine in it! The family using it go bad sunburns and shared it in a natural parenting group as a warning. They said the other products worked well. My first thought was why did that company use tangerine oil in a sunscreen for kids! Most acne products and lots of facial cleaners have citrus oils. These work great but avoid them in the summer. Same with soaps! I love Lemon soap but I have had reactions to this Texas sun.

More about this from YL.

Photosensitive essential oils: Summer safety tips


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