Learn more about Thieves Cleaner

Are you looking for ways to keep your home clean without all of the toxic chemicals? Let me tell you about Thieves Cleaner! This product is great for the DIYer and those who are not!

We all want to live in a clean, healthy home. If you have children or pets this just adds to the work that needs to be done.

For decades we have been told you have use products like bleach to have a clean home. Guess what, that’s not true. There are safer ways to keep your home clean and that is not only good for you but safe for your pets and kids!

I personally feel that with enough vinegar, baking soda, lemons, and some Thieves you can clean the world.

Take a moment right now to look at your cleaning products. I promise, no judgment from me. I used to use those piney floor cleaners, bleachy sprays, toxic fabric softeners, and even odor covering sprays. I was young, kids are messy, and I did not know better.

I ditched the bleach fast because I once mixed some with window cleaner in the bathroom and well I could have died… That is when I first learned to read labels! I was like 22 when I did that, and I just wanted my bathroom clean. I was potty training a kid and well it was gross. Guess what people it is that easy to make mustard gas! Bleach and Ammonia! I am thankful I lived.

Dangers of Mixing Bleach with Cleaners

Since then I have been all about the non-toxic clean. Baking soda and vinegar will clean just about anything, but they do take more effort and elbow grease. Sometimes I do not have the time and energy for that and an all-purpose cleaner is great to have on hand. That is something I love about Thieves Cleaner!

For those who want non-toxic cleaning products but don’t want to make it themselves, I recommend the Thieves line.

Here is more information about the Thieves line: Thieves Booklet

Here is a good dilution chart for household cleaning! This shows you how potent this product is! One bottle can last a while!


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