How the Toothbrush changed my home

I am on a mission to reduce the trash from my home! Have you heard of the Zero Waste movement? No? That’s okay… Go Google it right after you read this!

The more I learn about Zero Waste, the more I realize there are things I have overlooked. I always thought I was pretty good about living sustainably. Reduce, reuse, recycle and everything.

The big thing I have managed to overlook was Toothbrushes! This one thing is making me rethink so many other things.

I read a blog, that I wish I saved, about a woman who lived on an island. She said while walking on the beach she found 14 old toothbrushes! She was not looking for them, they had washed up on the beach. The implications of that made my eyes tear up! I never thought about toothbrushes. I mean it seems so obvious! I always just bought the cheapest ones and never thought about it when it was time to replace them. After reading that I vowed to never buy another plastic toothbrush again.

I was wanting to replace my toothbrush soon so I got to work doing my research. The first thing I saw is most bamboo toothbrushes cost so much. Bamboo is the world’s fastest growing plant and is crazy sustainable so I can not justify $5 for 1 toothbrush. We are used to buying 3 for $2. We have a family of 5 and we buy them in bulk when we can.

For me, the cost is almost as important as the product. I am willing to slightly bend in ways to save, but I always try to buy with great thought. I found some bamboo brushes that fit my cost! They are compostable with recyclable bristles. They are kind of flat so the husband says he may use them as plant markers when we are done with them.

We also order a lot of things. (I know so much packaging! ) So when I could not find bamboo toothbrushes near my home (I am sure they are in Austin just not where I go) I ordered off Amazon. We got these:

So far I am very happy with them! They are $10.50 for 12 and that seems pretty good for me. I prefer soft bristles but the husband is not thrilled. He also feels they are small and feels like he is using a kid’s toothbrush. I may look into other ones for him when these are gone. I did look at the other Dr. Perfect toothbrushes and we see some we might try for him!

My only complaint is they all look the same and it was oddly packaged. We found a way to mark the toothbrushes to tell them apart. They were WAY over packaged and that made me sigh… They are individually wrapped but in paper and that is recyclable. I think compostable too. Okay, that is cool and they are kept clean in storage! Then they were inside of a big non-recyclable envelope! But that’s not all! That envelope is in a box with Air pouches!  I know I can reuse the air pouch so I am okay with those and that is better than the alternative. My thing is why an envelope in a box?


So by thinking about toothbrushes, it made me think of other things…. Like my disposable razors. This is my big guilty non-sustainable thing. It is something I hate to admit.  I doubt I will be fast to ditch them but I am trying to get there. For me, it is a mental thing that I can not quite explain. I do not even like the ones with the changeable head. For decades I have only used one type of razor… My goal is to be in a place to convince myself to switch to a more earth friendly one by the end of this year.

I am sure I will find other unsuspected sources of waste!

What is the thing that lit the light bulb in your head?

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