Free Pattern: Soap Saver

When I first decided to move to a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle one of the first things we did was make the switch to a bar soap. Over all, it is more cost effective and less waste.  Never fails, the soap would get too small to really use, but too much to toss. I did not want to waste any of it!

We store them up in a glass jar under the sink, and when I get enough I put it in my Soap Purse!  This is an easy project for even the beginning crocheter.

Not a DIYer?

Order one from me! I have a few on hand and I can make a custom one for you!

I used Red Hear Super Saver yarn because it is low cost and great for body exfoliation and being acrylic it is less likely to mold in the shower.  You can adjust the size to fit your needs.

Soap Purse

Beginner level


  • ch = Chain
  • SC = Single Crochet
  • DC = Double Crochet
  • slst = slip stitch

Hook size: F

Chain 16 loosely because you will be working both sides of the chain.

  • RD 1:  SC 15, ch 1, SC 15 on the other side of the chain and join with a slip stitch.
  • RD 2: ch 3, DC in the same as the chain, DC 15, DC 2 in 1, DC 15 and join.
  • RD 3-5: ch 3, DC in next, and DC around and join. (32 Stitches)
  • RD 6: ch 3, DC in the next stitch, DC 6, chain 1 and skip st, DC 15, chain 8 slst in last DC, DC 7 and join.
  • chain 25 and slst in other side.
  • Optional add a button

Personally I skip the button and only use the loops because it is easy to reverse it. (I like reversible for some reason.)

Add your soap bits!

For those just learning to crochet, here are some photos to help you!

Working both sides of the chain:

Round 6:

The hole:

The loop:

The Strap:

The Button:



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