DIY Cotton Face Scrubs

Without thinking, I bought some of those cotton rounds because I wanted to test some recipes and improve my skin. The first time I used one of those cotton rounds two thoughts crossed my mind.

  1. This is handy to have!
  2. Oh, my look how wasteful that is!

I still have them, but I feel a tinge of guilt every time I use one. A while back I posted two face cleaner recipes (these are the recipes I was testing)

So I decided to make some of my own. At first, I was going to make them round but I felt that was a little wasteful. (All those corners being trimmed off.) So I made squares!

This is a fast easy project that even a beginner can do! It is also truly 100% zero waste if you are using cotton and have a compost pit! 

DIY Cotton Squares

I used washcloths when making these. First I trimmed the seams off all the way around. (Since it was 100% cotton it is compostable too)

Then I folded it 3 times on top of itself:

This makes for even same size cleaning pads. Then I cut up the sides on the folds to end up with 4 strips.

Fold each strip 4 times on itself and cut the sides again to make five squares. If it is smaller you may only be able to get 4 squares.

Cute right???

Now just sew all the way around the edge! I kept close to the edge to help prevent raveling. I also used a smaller zigzag stitch.

I was worried how they would wash. I was sure there was going to be a lot of strings and a mess. That was partly true, and a few squares needed some trimming but for the most part, they look like this:

I left this photo big so you can get a good idea of the fraying. I trimmed them up and the fraying does not seem to get worse yet!

Do they work?

YES! Better than the cotton rounds too because the rounds always leave “lint” on my face. These do not! My daughter likes them too and she tends to hate when I make stuff like this!



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