Product Review: Dr Perfect Bamboo Toothbrush

Dr. Perfect Bamboo Toothbrush

4 out of 5 stars
Buy on Amazon I bought 12 for $10.50 with Prime

My checklist:

  • Cost effective  ✔
  • Sustainable product ✔
  • Little to no waste ✔

These are the first Bamboo Toothbrushes I have ever bought! I was excited about the price! It is about the price of the ones that are so bad for the environment! On Amazon, it did not say these were small, but it does say they are soft bristle. I think these are kids brushes but I am okay with that.

The bristles are soft and made of nylon and made to look like a natural fiber. I thought that was kinda cool. Before tossing them in the compost, you have to pull the bristles out. They are recyclable!

My husband wishes they were bigger so I think next time I buy I will only get 6 and get 4 adult size ones.

Image from Amazon

About the packaging:

They are individually wrapped but in a compostable paper so I like that! I bought in bulk and that will keep them clean until we are ready to use them without causing waste. I bought them on Amazon, and they were in an envelope in a box, and I found that annoying. The box is compostable, and the air packaging in the box is recyclable and easy to repurpose. The envelope though was not recyclable and that alone seemed so wasteful. This produces some but minimal waste.

Waste: 1 non-recyclable envelope for about a year’s worth of toothbrushes.

Pros and Cons:


  • sustainable product: bamboo is the worlds fastest growing plant.
  • little waste
  • cheap!
  • soft bristles


  • Smaller than expected
  • Made in China (most bamboo brushes are) That always makes me worried
  • Unneeded packaging
  • They all look the same. (We marked mine with a purple stripe) I am not 100% sure how the kids are keeping theirs apart.


See, mine has the purple


I do recommend these brushes! None of the Cons are deal breakers and we will be trying the larger brushes for my husband later on, and I am sure we will be happy with them as well!

Fine print: This review is not endorsed in any way by the company, this is a product I already buy. Amazon link is an affiliate link.

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