Product Reviews?

I am going to start looking to do some product reviews on this blog. I have done a few here and there, but I would like to do more to help get the names of some of these small and not so small sustainable companies out there. I have a few I am already working on from products I already have and recently tried.

Why am I doing this???

I have a few reasons! The main one is I want to help people think about what they buy, and how theamazon_logo_500500._V323939215_y buy but without overwhelming them.

When I first started this journey I was so overwhelmed. I got sold on a lot of buzz words for products that were not so great after all. I have since self-educated and learned a lot. I am also learning more every day!

Changing to a healthier, more sustainable life is a big deal! There is a big learning curve and sometimes. Sometimes reading what other people say helps us decide if this product will help them too! Just recently I read so many blogs before picking a new bamboo toothbrush. Once I knew what I wanted I was pretty happy!

Do you have a company to recommend?

If so let me know! I will be starting with products I already buy and use and share what I learned from the stuff I didn’t love so much. 41pLIP1lq8L I will ALWAYS give an honest review.

I also want to look into Austin based companies. Think Global! Act Local! I am in Austin, Texas with no intentions of leaving the area! I would love to support local business!

Things I keep in mind:

  • Price is important to me. Many people (like me) have a limited budget.
  • What makes this product/company sustainable? I would LOVE to hear more! Is it the product itself? Is it the company practice? If you know feel free to add that!
  • How much waste is involved with this product? Since I am slowly shifting to 0 waste, this is important to me. It is one I can be flexible with but will make note of in my review.
  • I will read the label before I buy anything. If I am not comfortable using it, I will not buy it.
  • If I can I will check it on ThinkDirty first.  (You should get that app if you don’t have it! Not everything is on there but they always update.)

Right now I have a list of things I need to change in my home still and trying to find a product I am happy with.

Things I am looking to try:

  • Soaps! I always love trying new soap!
  • Toothpaste. Currently, I am using a bad one. I found I need fluoride for my teeth. I am currently researching low waste fluoride toothpaste.
  • Shaving cream/soap. I currently use bar soap from Perfectly Posh for my legs. (I have a girl if you need one!)  This works great with no dryness! I use my husband’s shampoo for the more sensitive areas. I am not happy with this.
  • Cosmetics, not for me. The daughter.
  • Dish soap. I use the blue stuff. Not great for you (rates a 9 on ThinkDirty!)  but it really works the best. I want something that rates lower, cleans as good, and cost about the same. Does this unicorn exist?????
  • Laundry Soap. I love the Thieves one, but it is not as cost effective as I would like.
  • Anything related to the garden (because I love that stuff!!)
  • Pet products: cats, dogs, turtles.
  • Tiny House Stuff! My oldest son is building a tiny home!
I’ve used that deodorant! I totally heart it!

Not on the list?

Know a product you love, but does not fit what I am looking for? That’s okay! Maybe I just did not think of it. Tell me anyway!

Got a product you want to try but not sure yet? Let me know! I will at least look into it for you!




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