Note: This is long, this was hard to write, this made me cry to write. If you don’t want to read this I understand, just know I will never support hate.



As a human who loves all humans who also lives in the USA, I feel I should comment on the horror of what happened, and still going on in Charlottesville.

As a white american, sadly I have white privilege. This is nothing I have sought but I accept it is a thing. I have children who are Native American and I have never thought I was better than someone because of skin color. I want to use my white privilege to tear down walls of racism.


As a Buddhist, I do not feel I am better than anyone. I am equal to all people in both good and bad ways.  We all suck, we must all strive to be better.

As a person of German heritage I do not support nazi ideals or thought. My family was American by the time of WWI and WWII and my grandfather served in the 36th division against the nazi party, and I am proud of his efforts in that war. People like him make me proud to be born in the USA.

My parents worked very hard to raise me open minded to all people no matter the race, religion, or sexuality.  I think they did a good job, and I hope I have done even better with my kids.


We can not support the kind of hate in Charlottsville right now. This is sickening, and as a white american I think it is even more important that I stand with People of Color because I am not sure those bigots would hear that they are wrong from anyone else. A line has been drawn in history, and not for the first time over race. What side do you stand on? You really do need to pick a side. If you don’t you let hate prevail (See quote above.)

I choose to stand with love, peace, equality. I will not see the “south rise again,” and if needed I would fight to prevent it.  I say this as a southerner, better yet; I say this as a Texan.


I have an ugly ugly truth that I try to hide. I am related to David Duke. My grandmother was a Duke, and he is her cousin, or second cousin or something like that. I have seen the family tree, we just try to forget that connection. My grandmother was not proud of it, at least by the time I was born. My grandmother never supported any inequality to my knowledge. Because of this connection is why I think my parents really went out of their way to keep me open minded. If there was that kind of hate in my family, I was shielded from it.

I want all people to know, I am an ally to you if you support love. I will never back hate speech. I want to be a peaceful person, and would like to think I do not have to hit a nazi. To be honest I would rather shield someone from that violence at my own risk, rather than inflict the violence in return. There is a point we have to fight back. That was why my grandfather marched in the African campaign, the Italian campaign and the French. I have seen images of him at the liberation of France. If that is needed I will fight what is right.



What side of the line do you stand?

This is exactly the time we need to make our voices known. I will not stand with hate, we need a call of action. We NEED this to be seen for what it is. This “alt right” movement is terrorism and doing more harm to this country than any terrorism outside of our borders. This is not Christianity, or “white culture,” (whatever that is). This is clear and simple hate and terror.

I pray for the souls of those who died. I am not clear what side those people stood, but if it was in hate, I hope they do better on the next turn of the wheel. Honestly I am so heart broken over all of this I can not read too much about the details yet. I don’t want to ugly cry for the world while still at work. I learned about this late last night because I was spending time with my family yesterday. I am not sure I will ever be not heart broken about this. I was not alive during WWII but that violence makes me so sick to my core. I do think in a past life I died as a Jew in WWII, but I think this sickening sadness is because I am human.

Please do not let this happen. Please stop it now, learn from the past and for once, really love your neighbor. Love the person next door, love the country next door, love the world.


*Note this was only loosely edited… *

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