Have you tried Ningxia Red? (AKA Ninja Juice??)

This stuff is great and a must have in this house! It is great in smoothies, and the pouches are great when you are on the go!

The Main ingredient is Wolf Berries but it also has other fruits and essential oils too!

Just so you know Wolfberries are also known as Goji Berries! Read the YL info here:…/pro…/ningxia-red-60-ml-singles

From the Reference Guide:
Suggested Use: Take 1-2 oz twice daily as needed. Shake well and refrigerate after opening.
Body Systems Affected: Immune System, Liver Function, Eye Health, and Energy Levels


I take mine with a drop of grapefruit oil, or in a smoothie. There are lots of ways to take your Ningxia! Here are some to try.

Alright guys… I went ahead and did the math. I broke down the NingXia Red options for us so we know exactly what we are getting PER 2 OUNCE servings. The reason I did the 2oz serving is because that’s what the packets contain

NingXia cost breakdown

(Prices are wholesale)

30 single packets (2oz packet)
60 total oz
$2.82 per 2oz

60 single packets (2oz packet)
120 total oz
$2.75 per 2oz

90 single packets (2oz packet)
180 total oz
$2.72 per 2oz

2 pack bottles (25.361 oz bottle)
$71.00 wholesale
50.722 total oz
$2.80 per 2oz

4 pack
$127.00 wholesale
101.44 oz
$2.66 per 2oz

6 pack
152.166 oz
$2.46 per 2oz

8 pack
202.888 oz
$2.40 per 2oz

If you are local to the Austin area and would like to do a Ningxia buy in, let me know! I order this often and tend to get the 60 count box of singles. I would love to save price per oz and get you a good deal too!

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