Hollywood, DC, and Allegations

Disclaimer: this is not my normal kind of post, but sometimes I do get on a tangent. This will not be overly political and will not name any names.

This post is to help people look at this in a different light because some people are just not getting it.

If someone has allegations against them, it should be taken seriously. This is true if you are famous or not. Your social standing does not dictate your right to not being attacked, or give you the right to harm others.

On the other hand not all allegations are true. I will never understand the logic of false allegations but they do happen. Please note this statement is not meant to undermine any real victims. I NEVER support victim shaming.

There are some allegations out there about Hollywood, and DC people that I absolutely believe and hope the victims get justice. There are some that I am not sure about. In those cases I stand back, and don’t form a feeling one way or another. If it is truth, that will come out (I hope). If it is not truth that will come out (I hope).

Here is the thing that is blowing my mind… People who admit the act happened, yet trying to make it seem like no big deal… I’m sorry but, if you know it happened, it is a big deal. If the person was a friend, and there is doubt, I can understand waiting to know the truth.

Today I saw a statement that really hurt my since of being. I will not use the exact quote or any names but basically, “I know he did this inappropriate thing to this other person, but he is a really nice guy. He was great to work with, he just made a mistake. He never did that to me.”


I’m sorry you can be a nice person who does something dumb, but you still have to pay for the consequences. If you accidentally kill someone, it’s still manslaughter. Although I am not sure how someone accidentally sexually assaults someone.

If you are defending a person who has sexually assaulted someone, you need to think this through. I am glad that person did not rape/molest you! Awesome! They DID do that to someone else. Now that person not only has to deal with that pain, but they also have to deal with the fact the people like you think it is not a big deal.

It reminds me of this dating advice I got when I was young:

If you are not sure who to believe about allegations, it does not hurt you to just not be involved. (Unless you are personally involved in a situation)

It is okay to support a person you love, but you better find out the truth. If the allegations are true, you can still love them, but don’t support them against the victim. Don’t be the reason a person is victimized twice.

If you are a victim:

Do not stay quite. Do not let other people silence you. Reach out to local law enforcement, call 911, and get help! You can also reach out to the Office for Victims of Crime. Please seek help if you need it!

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