No Poo?!

If you don’t know already, No Poo is a term that people use for not using shampoo anymore.

This is something I have thought about doing for years but never been able to really do. I have cut back the amount of shampoo I use, and I do an Apple Cider Vinegar Wash once a month already.

Not sure how this will go, and I am by far no expert. This is my new Journey.

Today was the first day I ran my hands through my hair and thought my hair was a little too greasy. If I had the day off it wouldn’t bother me. (I totally grunge it up when I’m off because this build immune systems and lets you kinda detox a little naturally.)

I have to work today and all day too. Before I would have hoped in the shower and washed my hair real fast. Today, I stood; and looked in the mirror. I thought to myself, “How bad is it really?”

The truth is I doubt anyone at work would notice, I work with food, so we keep our hair REALLY restrained. Since customers do see me, I at least tend to try and look nice too.

Then I remembered, last Summer I strongly thought about going no poo and made some dry shampoo. (Just plain arrowroot powder AKA Tapioca Starch put into a shaker.) So I tried that this morning.  I think I will survive the day. If someone does say something, I will blame it on my mourning over the death of David Bowie….

Don’t be surprised, to see me post more about No Poo. I told myself I have to go at least 2 months before I really decide.