Want Free Oils?

Who doesn’t like free stuff?

I know 3 ways to get free Essential Oils!

  1. Host an oil 101 class with me. I offer Hostess Rewards! When you CONTACT ME be sure to let me know what you are most interested in so you can learn about that!
  2. Join Young Living (as a distributor) and get free products and a 24% discount.
  3. Once you become a member be sure to join Earned Rewards (ER). You get free products, and earn points to get more free products!

If you choose to join Young Living I will contact you (if I haven’t already)! I will help you get started. Remember Young Living gives you what you put in! If you just want a discount on amazing oils, awesome! Do you want to get a paycheck? Even Better! I have the tools to help you!

Don’t think you are a sales person? EVEN BETTER! I Hate heavy sales people. Hardball sales are annoying and no one really likes that. Don’t sell Oils. Love the oils and lead by example. Others will see this! Product education is key, so never stop learning.